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We’re proud to offer our partners a broad range of unique, clinically backed nutraceuticals, premium botanical extracts, and functional food ingredients. If you’re looking for something specific or want to know more about any of the novel ingredients you see here, contact us at or at 973-808-5900. We’re excited to hear about your projects and share the ways that our novel ingredients and unmatched, vertically integrated suite of services can boost your brand.




DNA PUR Products


We’re proud to introduce DNA PUR™, Novel’s new line of 100% identity verified botanical ingredients analyzed using DNA barcode testing. Every batch of source material is sampled prior to extraction and is 3rd-party tested, giving our customers and their consumers absolute identity assurance.

Based on 3rd-party consumer research, we believe that this new standard in identity verification is an excellent opportunity to differentiate as it becomes increasingly important to supplement consumers.


We have available an initial set of DNA PUR™ ingredients that includes some of our most popular botanicals, below. Please contact us to learn about availability for other ingredients that may be of interest.

Green Coffee
Polygonum Resveratrol
Green Tea
Grapeseed Extract