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Innovation & Science

COMMITMENT TO INNOVATION As a company, we’re committed to providing our partners best-in-class processing technologies and a pipeline of truly unique, clinically backed, and science-based ingredient innovation. As a group of innovation-minded industry professionals, our mission is to help our partners create and deliver their next great finished product, and we’re honored to help them achieve success.

 Innovation & Science 

Innovation Strategy

Novel’s Commitment to Innovation

Working closely with our Scientific Advisory Board, we continuously search the globe to identify and evaluate high-value ingredient technologies. As part of our innovation strategy, alongside exclusive ingredient innovations like Kinetiq™ and Acumin™, currently in our portfolio, we’re building a pipeline of differentiated ingredients that will significantly impact their respective categories.

 Innovation & Science 

Scientific Advisory Board

 Innovation & Science 

New Ingredient Research

Advanced, Patented Ingredient Innovation Kinetiq

Sold for 16+ years in first-generation form, the newly launched Kinetiq features powerful, novel technologies targeted for energy, weight management, and fitness formulation needs. Backed by over a dozen human efficacy clinical studies, advanced research, and a comprehensive safety dossier, patented Kinetiq offers unprecedented performance without the jitters or other harmful effects on the central nervous system.

In a recent clinical trial of 18-22 year-old men, patented Kinetiq citrus aurantium provided a significant boost in power, repetitions, and volume load.



The new Kinetiq PLUS bioflavonoids naringin and hesperidin (naturally occurring in the citrus aurantium fruit) offers even greater weight management performance through thermogenesis.performance_chart_2

To learn more about these clinical studies and this next-generation citrus aurantium extract, please visit

Cognitive Function and Memory Enhancement Extract Cera-Q™

Cera-Q is a new protein hydrolysate ingredient derived from a silk fibroin that has been clinically demonstrated to provide a range of cognitive function benefits. Comprising bioactive peptides with a unique amino acid profile, Cera-Q is backed by 9 human clinical trials and in vitro data, all of which demonstrate Cera-Q’s support of memory, learning, and general cognitive function across a wide range of ages, from children to the elderly. These published studies show significant results from a 3-4 week trial, demonstrating that Cera-Q is a powerful natural solution to help improve brain health at every age.

To learn more about these clinical studies and the range of cognitive benefits made possible by this innovative ingredient, please visit